Higgins Would Be Proud


Toronto winters are not pleasant. They’re particularly bitter for homeless people living on the streets. And they’re doubly hard for homeless people with a dog. There are not many places they can bring their animals and get away from the freezing temperatures.

While there are a number of shelters available for the homeless in Toronto, almost none of them cater to people with animals. This creates a dilemma. Although many people living on the streets with dogs are desperate for refuge, they often choose to stay on the street rather than abandon their pet. Fred Victor recognized the need for a shelter that provides a roof for both people in need and their pets.

From January 17th to March 31st 2016, Higgins Would Be Proud is partnering with Fred Victor to match every purchase of a sweater, both dog and human, with a donation to the shelter. Through our partnership we hope to raise awareness for this fantastic cause.

Higgins would definitely be proud.



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