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HWBP was socially conscious before we had a single design drafted, and way before it was known as the thing that Millennials are in to. When our brand was but a hazy idea forming over beers at Chibi's*, we knew the "Be Proud" part would entail giving back in some way.

Fast forward three years and we're happy to share that we have given back to a few notable organizations since our first sale. 

The first and current organization that we donate part of our proceeds to is ElderDog. Today their mission feels more relevant than ever. It is multifaceted - they aim to assist older dog owners in caring for their canine companions, they help care for canines who may have lost their owners due to a relocation or death, and they also "honour life and loss of canine companions through consolation and commemoration". Hard to find a more worthy cause. They're a relatively small organization based in Canada but there are multiple opportunities for volunteers and ways to donate on their website. Right now, 10% of every purchase made on our site goes towards them.

Our second initiative launched in the winter of 2015 and was met with an overwhelming response. At this point we were selling dog as well as human gear and wanted to support an organization that also supported humans and animals - which is how we found the Fred Victor Centre in Toronto. Fred Victor is one of the few homeless shelters in Canada that allows animals through their doors. During the winter, we ran a "one-for-one" deal where select purchases on our site would garner a donation in kind the centre. We filmed a video (see below) in the city and dropped off some goodies to those that were really on the streets - they'd all heard of Fred Victor before. 



Our video was picked up by Daytime Toronto, Upworthy and others, and has since garnered several million views. We're hoping that our next initiative will be just as successful. Will you help us decide on our next partnership? Do you know any Canadian organizations with a great cause? Email us at contact@hwbp.ca with details or leave a comment for us below. We'd love to hear who you support and/or ideas you have for supporting others! 

*A sadly no longer active gem of a bar in New York named after the owner's fawn French Bulldog, Chibi. 


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