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Goodbyes are hard

Earlier this week we said goodbye to Higgins. Without going in to detail we'll share that he started having extreme trouble breathing on Monday night and by Tuesday he'd taken his last breath.

We are stunned at how quickly we've lost him. There will never be enough time with a loved one when you know they are close to the end. Before he started deteriorating we'd discussed writing a post about all of our nicknames for him and that still feels fitting for today. 

Higgins, Higgs, Higgy, Higgy-Boo-Boo, Pig, Señor Pig, Pig-Pig, Glut-Glut, Glut-Face, Smooshface, Poo-bag, Fart-Bag, Duncecap, DC, Higgins-Baby, Higgy-Poo. We will always love you.


HWBP will continue in memory of Higgins.

Thank you to everyone who has shared kind words with us about Higgins already.
We will be off-grid from September 2nd to September 5th but will respond to messages upon our return.


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