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The only thing better than one pug is more pugs. Even the collective noun for a group of pugs is amazingly apt - it's called a "grumble". When Higgins was around we had the pleasure of attending a few Toronto Pug Grumbles which he really enjoyed. On September 25th we headed down to the dog bowl at Trinity Bellwoods Park to attend our first one without him. The good spirits of everyone attending (you'd have to try hard to be sad around a grumble, honestly) lifted ours too. 



We realized that everyone had been very polite when we'd brought Higgins to previous meet ups. Higgins would clearly have been the oldest, greyest, possibly heftiest one there if he could've made it! The entire dog bowl was a mess of snorts, drools, heavy panting and animated pugs scuffling around. Note to self - next time bring dog treats.


Pixel the pug getting ready to play.


Have you ever seen the Disney classic, 101 Dalmatians? There's a terrific scene at the beginning of the film that shows a string of dog owners walking their dogs and each pair looks more similar than the last. While we don't agree that all pug owners look like their pugs (pug proportions are undeniably cute on our canine companions, but less attractive on humans!) we do feel that pug lovers are a special breed of their own. They are warm, friendly, funny people. They dress up their dogs but also make sure the dogs are enjoying themselves. They love showing off their dogs. Pug-O-Ween is a very big deal. 

 Our attendance proved that a pug meet up is the place to be regardless of whether or not you have pug of your own. We hope to attend more this year. We'll be the ones in HWBP gear, most likely - and the ones asking if they can take a photo of your dog!


For more photos of the pug meet up, click here.

Know a great meet up we should attend? Write to us in the comments below or email us at contact@hwbp.ca.


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